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Burial Board

The Council also acts as the local Burial Authority

The Cemetery, Stokesley Road, Brompton

The Council is in the process of acquiring additional land to extend the Cemetery so that burials can be accommodated for the next 50 to 60 years. It is also hoped that a memorial garden will be included in due course.

If you are wishing to trace burial details of a relative who is buried in the Cemetery the Clerk is able to answer questions relating to burials in the Cemetery back to the early 1950s. Please note that the Clerk does not have the details of persons who are buried in the Churchyard.

The current burial fees are as follows -

  • £250.00 per burial plot
  • £100.00 per interment in a burial plot
  • £50.00 for Memorials (half size headstones – half fee)
  • £100.00 for the purchase of ashes plot
  • £50.00 for interment of ashes

No fee for deceased persons under 16 years of age.

Fees are doubled where the deceased person did not reside within the Parish boundary but in such cases proof is required that the person still had immediate relatives in the Parish, unless they had moved out of the Parish within a period of less than 12 months.

  • For the information of relatives the details of the rules and regulations concerning the erection of headstones and memorials in the Cemetery are set out below –
    • Please note that granite kerb stones are now permitted around grave plots in the Cemetery subject to each application to position such kerbs being considered on its merits.
    • Headstones are not to exceed  - 1050mm (3.5ft) in height; 675mm (2.25ft) in width + 100mm (0.33ft) in thickness with a base not exceeding 400mm (1.33ft) in breadth (inclusive of first inscription).
    • Vases are not to exceed 300mm in any dimension.
    • Where a headstone is already positioned on any grave space (whether a single or double plot) no additional memorial plaque may be placed in any position on that grave space where it has been subsequently decided by relatives to then place ashes within the said plot. Except that – a small flower vase may be permitted in such circumstances subject to the Burial Board having agreed the proposals in advance and to the vase not being placed on a cement or other hard base
    • In respect of Plots purchased for the sole purpose of the burial of ashes the only plaques which will be permitted to be placed on plots will be in the form of a tablet laid in an inclined position on the ground not exceeding 18” x 18”. Any such tablet/plaque must not be affixed to a concrete or other hard standing which is positioned above the level of the ground  - ie it must be positioned at the level of the grass when cut.  
    • Where it is the intention to erect a headstone in respect of ashes which have been buried in the Cemetery then a full size burial plot must be purchased for this purpose. Headstones are not permitted to be erected in that part of the Cemetery which has been allocated for the burial of ashes.
    • No headstone may be erected on any grave until the expiration of the period of six months from the date of any burial in the grave space concerned.Furthermore, no headstone shall be placed on any part of the grave space which may have been excavated in order to accommodate the interment of the deceased. Consequently any headstone and any associated plinth shall be erected at the head of the grave on unexcavated land.
    • In severe weather conditions which give rise to adverse ground conditions in the Cemetery the Burial Board will reserve the right to suspend the erection of any headstones or memorials until such time that the ground conditions improve, regardless of the fact that the application to erect such a headstone or memorial may have been received after the expiration of the six month period since the date of the burial itself .
    • All headstones are to be erected vertically. Permission will not be granted for any headstone to be laid flat unless it is of such an age or condition that it has been deemed by the Burial Board to be of a danger to the public in it’s present state. If this is the case then that situation will only be regarded as being temporary with the intention that the headstone is re-erected as soon as is practically possible.
    • Any headstones (or grave spaces including the older kerbs) which fall into disrepair will be reinstated by the Burial Board and the cost of so doing will be pursued where possible through any surviving relatives or family of the deceased.
    • No permanent plants, shrubs or trees may be planted on any grave space regardless of the fact that they may be considered to be a memorial. In addition no wooden crosses or headstones not constructed by a recognised Stone mason may be erected in the Cemetery.
    • Solar lights are not permitted on any grave spaces.
    • No fences of any description are to be erected around grave spaces.
    • No chippings shall be placed on any grave spaces other than for the renewal of chippings on grave spaces that have traditionally been kerbed in the older parts of the Cemetery.
    • No inscriptions, pictures or any such engraving may be included on any headstone which depicts anything which in the opinion of the Burial Board contravenes what could be considered as being in good taste or promotes anything which is contrary to the law existing in this Country at that particular time. In this respect the Burial Board reserves the right to remove any said headstone and to recover the cost of so doing.  
    • Any headstones which do not meet with any testing undertaken by the Burial Board in respect of Grave Memorial Stability will be laid flat and a notice placed thereon that the memorial in question has been found to be unsafe and has been laid flat in the interests of safety. The Burial Board will not be responsible for the re-erection or any costs of re-erecting any headstones or other memorials which have been found to be unsafe.  
  • For Cemetery Rules and Regulations for Funeral Directors and Grave Diggers at the Cemetery see under Policies