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Adult Outdoor Gym Equipment

In September 2022 Brompton Town Council was successful in obtaining a grant of £10,000 from the National Lottery Community Fund towards outdoor adult gym equipment in the Recreation Ground at Northallerton Road, Brompton for the improvement of health and lifestyle.

The application was made on the basis of metal gym equipment being a gym pod and air walkers and leg presses.

However the Council subsequently researched the experiences of other local Councils and discovered problems that they had had with metal dynamic outdoor gym equipment items that have moving parts which require regular maintenance and also with the supply of replacement parts and with added year on year costs.

Subsequently the National Lottery earlier this year approved an amendment to the application so that the grant could be used to provide hardwood outdoor adult gym equipment.

This has all been recently installed in the Recreation Ground with the Council meeting the costs of new safety surfacing and other ancillary costs.

The combined wooden equipment provides a fantastic condensed full workout, specifically for the upper body, and includes money bars, a rope climb, pull up bars and dip bars.

The sit up and leg raise benches at three heights provide a challenge for all abilities and encourage further improvement, working many different muscle groups using pure body strength alone.

The climbing wall on one side has a timber ladder section that allows an easy decent once the top has been reached.

The equipment has all been positioned so that, finances permitting, the outdoor gym can be added to in the future.