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Management Plan for the Beck on Water End

Following a comprehensive meeting with Mark Lillie from the Environment  Agency on Thursday 15th September the following a Management Plan has been decided for Water End Green.

*Road Bridge : vegetation immediately in front of the bridge –mainly willow herb- is to be removed by hand from the silted banks and the  banks either side for at least 4m and kept to a low level of vegetation to reduce impeding high water flow.

*The silt will not be removed as it is not deemed a cost effective procedure (it naturally deposits again immediately after a high water flow) and is environmentally destructive.

*Instead- It is hopeful the EA will fund re-digging and contouring of the bypass drainage channel which has become flattened but has been highly effective in diverting excess flood water past the road bridge and preventing properties flooding during very high flow levels.

*Vegetation overgrowth between the road bridge and middle bridge to be kept low on the Village Green West side to not impede any water flow into the drainage channel (which will be re-conformed). Excessive willow herb to be hand removed.

*Willow herb to be cut- not flailed- after flowering before it goes to seed. Cut vegetation to be removed from site to prevent falling into the beck. This will allow other species to flourish.

*Bank areas in front of the middle bridge and the ford will be kept to a low level of vegetation for visibility.

*Long strips of banks side will be marked out to retain areas not for maintenance strimming to provide habitat and shelter for wildlife, birds and mammals along this stretch.

*The areas north of the ford and south of the road bridge will continue with the existing management regime.

*Future long term management of the flow and profile of the beck and grant funding availability is being explored but we welcome any new people to join the Flood Management Group.

*Any queries or comments regarding the above are to be directed to Brompton Town Council and Not to contractors or Councillors.  

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