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Burial Plot Locator

The Cemetery off Stokesley Road, Brompton is divided into 8 sections of Plots - A to H - H being the latest in date order.

Plot B is the unconsecrated section.

Each plot - A to H is clearly marked in the Cemetery.

Precise grave locations in the older sections of the Cemetery may be approximations if no headstone has been erected and if there are few headstones in the immediate vicinity from which to take markers. 

The burial records for each section are contained in the following pages.

The older records prior to 1966 may also provide details of the age of the deceased, their address and occupation. These details were no longer included after that date.

The first burial in the Cemetery took place in June 1928.

However a relative may well have been buried in St Thomas’s Churchyard after that date as families could have pre-purchased grave spaces in the Churchyard that were not used for quite some years.

For burials in the Churchyard please contact the Parochial Church Council.

If you are unable to locate a grave please email the Clerk.

Searches in the Registers are free for single grave spaces however the Burial Board at it’s discretion imposes a fee of £25 if the search is for family history details of several relatives.

Brompton Town Council - Burial Plot Locator