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Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Enhancement Vision

Joint funding between the Council and North Yorkshire Police has provided two vehicle activated signs (VAS signs) in the village; one at the corner of De Bruce Road, which can also be changed to a location on the opposite side of the road near the Rugby Club and the other sign sited on the approach to the Primary School from the Darlington direction.

Both indicate when speeds exceed 30 mph, but at a later date can be altered 20 mph if the Council is successful in changing the speed limit through the village to 20 mph.

For two years, the Council has been promoting the 20’s Plenty campaign and has put an individual case to North Yorkshire Council that 20 mph should be the appropriate speed for motorists travelling through Brompton Village.

In making this safer for pedestrians and cyclists it would open up opportunities for more children and parents to safely walk and cycle to school.

Brompton Council is also working jointly with Northallerton Town Council and Romanby Parish Council in devising safe pedestrian and cycle access into the centre of the town. The first project being worked up is that from Brompton to Northallerton town centre and The Treadmills.

Concerns have also been raised with North Yorkshire Council about the pedestrian crossing point from Brompton to Northallerton across North Moore Road where it connects with Northallerton Road as the Council considers that the current provision of pedestrian islands without any traffic lighted crossing system for pedestrians and cyclists is inadequate. It is understood that North Yorkshire Councils highways officers are currently monitoring the situation.