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Footbridge at Water End


Once alerted to the decline of the bridge the Town Council closed it in December 2020 pending an inspection by a structural engineer who reported that 70% of the bridge was rotten and it was hoped a new bridge could be put in its place.

Working with the Environment Agency and structural engineers it became obvious that any new bridge would need to be widened and raised to comply with 1:100 years flood prevention policies and accessibility law.

The costs of a new bridge would be around £60,000 and the new design to meet regulations would not fit in with the village scene due to its extended size.

As a new bridge was not possible, the structural engineer was asked to look again at the old bridge to see if a repair could be made. The presence of high levels of lead in the paint work was then revealed.

The specialised paint removal company and the engineer then agreed that once the paint was shot blasted or acid dipped there would not be enough good steel left to use as a fixing point for the new steel.

Sadly, the only option left is to remove the bridge and carry out remedial work on the paths and bankside to make its safe for the public in the future.